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Asset Custody Service

1. Insurance asset custody

       As a custodian, the Bank signs trusteeship agreements with insurance (group) companies, insurance asset management companies, insurance agencies, etc., providing insurance asset custody, account management, fund clearing and settlement, property valuation, accounting, property distribution, etc. according to customer needs. Information disclosure, investment supervision and performance evaluation are the main content of the hosting services. We will provide an independent investment supervision department to effectively supervise investment managers; professional operation efficiency, effectively reduce the operating costs of principals, enable principals to focus more on insurance business, and integrate financial advantages to provide customers with comprehensive financial custody service plan.




2. Trust asset custody

        The Bank is entrusted by the trust company to perform the duties of trust asset custody, investment transaction supervision, project progress supervision, fund remittance liquidation and trust accounting according to the relevant laws and regulations, trust contracts and trusteeship agreements. We will provide comprehensive financial services such as credit, financing, investment banking, etc. according to customer needs; for the loan-type collective fund trust business, we will directly pay the products and service providers to ensure that the loan special funds are earmarked for special use and closed operation; For securities trust products, an investment performance analysis report can be provided; for fixed income trust products, a balance sheet duration analysis report can be provided.


3. Securities Investment Fund Trusteeship

        The Bank will, according to relevant laws and regulations and the custody contract, secure the assets of the fund management companies for the world's major fund management companies; handle fund clearing and securities settlement under the fund assets; conduct fund accounting, valuation and review; supervise fund management and invest in operations and handle information disclosure matters related to the custody business.

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