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Offshore trade financing services

1. Offshore discounting: Provide unfinished bank acceptance bills or acceptance telegrams to offshore customers, and deduct the unexpired interest and pay the balance to the customer's related services.


2. Offshore Forfeiting: Provides non-recourse to buy out related services such as the Fudan Financial Link, which has been confirmed by the offshore customer export letter of credit.


3. Offshore non-discriminatory export bills: Provide offshore customers with credits under the letter of credit to submit non-discriminatory documents as collateral, and provide customers with related services such as financial services.


4. Offshore Forfeiting Resale: Provides the resale (return) of the credits (reports) under the letter of credit that has been bought out of the offshore customers for the Forfeiting business method to earn a certain spread and Fee service.


5. Offshore payment: After receiving the SWIFT and entrusted payment telegram, the offshore business department will pay the designated receiving bank/payee according to the entrust instruction. The entrusting bank will agree on the specified expiration date. The interest rate (standard) is repaid to a financial service in the offshore sector.


Export dual-guarantee-off-shore linkage mode: For the offshore export business, provide non-financial export dual-care business for offshore customers within the buyer's credit limit approved by the import factor for overseas buyers; Within the shore-to-bank client's approved factoring financing amount, according to the receivables received in the second stage, recourse financing is provided

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