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Precious Metal Business

   Precious metal bookkeeping transactions: 


    Precious Metal is one of the business services provided by the World Digital Currency Bank. Customers can use the Bank digital currency to open special accounts for precious metals in the Bank and its various branches around the world. Through the instant purchase or fixed-in-buy two ways, according to the quotation of the fixed-investment varieties quoted by the Bank, a certain amount of precious metal (or amount) of precious metals will be purchased and deposited with the special account for fixed investment.


     The bookkeeping of gold transactions launched by the World Digital Currency Bank are issued by the Bank. Users can trade in the Bank and various branches around the world, including account gold, account silver, account platinum and other products. The types are diversified and unique, which can satisfy investors and different investment preferences.


      The Bank's bookkeeping of gold trading adopts the dual currency trading mode, namely the “Legal Tender + Digital Currency” model. Users can conduct investment transactions through the Bank's official APP, official website, digital currency wallet, mobile banking and other channels. The trading method is synchronized with the major exchanges around the world. The precious metal sharing and trading funds of the customer account can be traded and liquidated immediately. Investors can directly execute the transaction according to purchasing and sales price of the Bank, or make a pending order at the specified price. The entrusted pending orders are divided into profit-taking, profit-selling and stop-loss selling pending orders. At the same time, the trading time followed by the international precious metals market, providing you with 24 hours continuous uninterrupted professional precious metal investment services.


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