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WDC Wallet

World Digital Currency Bank's exclusive digital currency electronic payment  wallet application(WDC Wallet) is a wallet application that uses blockchain technology to open up the digital currency field and the physical financial world. On one hand, the digital wallet can be used as a carrier to create digital wallet distribution, circulation and exchange. The settlement platform, on the other hand, mainly solves the inconvenience of managing multiple digital currencies by ordinary users, the complicated exchange transaction process, poor value transmission, insufficient blockchain performance and insufficient application scenarios.


WDC Wallet includes 24 functional modules and 200+ full-featured support. The unique eco-chain innovation operation closed-loop aims to create the “most intelligent all-environment application wallet” and open up three areas of payment, finance and application. Realize the circulation and settlement of the digital currency on a global scale. At the same time, WDC Wallet will work closely with the world's major central banks, commercial banks, and financial institutions to establish a global strategic partnership with governments around the world to build a national digital asset distribution system to ensure safety, reliable and convenient digital asset application service for the government and people.


WDC Wallet innovatively adopted the “Legal Tender + Digital Currency” dual currency model to provide users with multiple asset management. At the same time, it also aims to meet the payment application needs of different users in different scenarios. WDC Wallet will built-in scan code,  account transfer transfer, etc. The fast payment function makes it easy for users to  realize transactions quickly in merchants supporting digital currency, and it is more convenient to connect various types of physical industries and enterprises, and to provide comprehensive digital asset solutions in combination with special needs in their own industry and enterprise.


Based on the Fast Lightning Network, the WDC Wallet can complete transaction within 1 second in order to maximizing transfer efficiency, and anonymous transfers can be made in the blockchain network., Each transaction is verified on the blockchain browser, but the details of the transaction are only known to the initiator and receiver, and the privacy of the user can be protected to the utmost extent.


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