On July 2, 2019, the World Digital Currency Bank was formally established in Suriname Republic of South America. Registered address of the Bank:Marie Curiestraat 21,Paramaribo ,Registration Number:77626.

The Bank used digital currency as an entry point to carry out multi-level banking business.

The World Digital Currency Bank adopts a double-layer currency model in it's banking business. Compared with other banks in the same industry, the World Digital Currency Bank maintains traditional banking investment, credit guarantee, global financial settlement, etc., and there are three important innovations in the digital currency field.  Firstly, to play the model and cost advantage of blockchain technology in the markets of payment, mortgage, and bill financing; Secondly, to establish a new ecological chain of “ecosphere”, which has been solved the pain point of traditional banks from the three dimensions of efficiency, cost and trust.; In addition, explore and establish a "currency-based" financial system centered on "digital currency."

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