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Talent Recruitment
  • Position
  • Educational Background
  • Number of Person
  • MORE
  • Assistant TO President.
  • Master Degree
  • 10
  • Job Requirements

    1. High comprehension to translate AND DELIVER the president's instructions, communicating for all co-ordination and follow up multi-tasks, ensure achievement in an efficient way. 

    2. Assist the president in arranging various types of daily task, such as meeting agenda, receptions, travels, etc. also timely report; 

    3. Responsible for the drafting, review, release of the relevant documents and materials for president, such as speeches, presentations, PPT, etc.; 

    4. Assisting the president in conducting business negotiations within the scope of authorization, prepaing various reports and liaison work; 

    5. Assit President conducting comprehensive coordination and organization of all business units, Human Resources, administration, finance, marketing and other management departments, and manages the core business activities;

  • Job Specification

    1. Administrative knowledge, business management, media and PR communication, psychology and other related professional knowledge.  

    2. Excellent written skills, proficiency in drafting various commercial documents, familiar with standard management and archival contract management; Excellent outreach public relations, with solutions ability of emergency.

    3. More than 3 years experience of CEO assistant in sizable corporation, either assistant to presidents / directors in listed companies or office, similar work experience IS CONSIDERED.

    4. Strong organization, coordination, communication and excellent interpersonal interaction and social mobility and productive oberservation.

  • Executive DBA
  • Master Degree
  • 10
  • Job Requirements

    1. Compile technical solutions and proposal documents  according to customer demends.

    2. Develop and implement of MySQL database stability, high availability and high scalability architecture technology solutions.

    3. Responsible for the deployment and daily MySQL database of customers by Remoted maintenance work.

    4. Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance management of the customer's MySQL database, including database architecture design, performance optimization, data transfer, solvINg AD HOC   PROBLEMS and difficultIES.

    5. Participating in project requirements and design discussions, Database architecture and structural design, cooperate with developers to perform SQL query analysis and performance optimization of business systems.

  • Job Specification

    1. 5 years of experience in MySQL development or system DBA.

    2. Familiar with MySQL database operation mechanism, architecture, familiar with table structure and SQL optimization.

    3. Familiar with MySQL database high availability, migration, capacity expansion, backup recovery, performance.

    4. Familiar with MySQL storage engine InnoDB, transaction and lock, can perform lock analysis and analysis optimization; 

    5. Familiar with MySQL collaborSOLative manufacturer supporting tools and principles, CAN DO   daily management and maintenance work based on percona-toolkit, MHA, etc.

    6 Familiar with linux daily operation and configuration, python, shell programming ARE priority.